Saturday, May 15, 2010

The cold case of the coolest mysterious disappearing cooler

'twas a dark and stormy night, yea, a very starmy night when I approached me good friend, Jon D. "Let me have yer cooler" I croaked, "for we be a needin' a nice cooler for the first ward campout."

"But," said he, "will you treat my cooler with the utmost respect possible one couldst give a cooler? For I have loaned many a cooler in my day, fair lad, and have yet to receive one of said coolers back into my possession..."

"Have ye no fear, laddy," was me only response, "for I be but a humble marmon, and respect the code of the marmons, as true rules, and not as guidelines."

"Well," said me matey, "I will loan you the least of my coolers--but alas, be you warned, for this is a magic disappearing cooler, and as soon as you let it out of your possession, it will be whisked away among the many first warders as dust in the wind."

"Dargh," said I, "we will treasure yer cooler. Avast, by the peg leg of Blackbeard himself, no such harm shall come!"

But I shall be telling this with a sigh. The many carsed winds carried me far from that cooler that night, and sure as me matey did prophesy, the cooler has vanished in the depths of davey jones' locker. It has been many a moon, and many a staaaarrrless night without that cooler, and it is time to recover it from the laddies and lasses of the first ward.

**Dargh, let me know if ye be holding onto a magic blue cooler from the last first ward campout!

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