Saturday, May 15, 2010

First ward follies

yo yo

Follies be going down tomorrow (Saturday) at the Annex at 8:00 PM. Yous all be invited to come (especially if yous be in da first ward). If yous be in da second ward, yous can come if yous be wanting to poach some of da first warders (ahem...unless theys be ones that I be wanting to poach...)

It will be one of dem old musical review types of tings, wit singing, and dancing, and singin...and...dancin...and yeah. A sweet party afta da show. Da highlight of da evening will be inspecting da curtain dat da first ward relief society burned.

As my old hometeaching companion Devo would say, "it's better than a kick in the pants."

Saturday, May 6 8:00 PM Annex

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