Saturday, May 15, 2010

free tv stand

Readers of emails hitting the list with the word 'free' somewhere in the subject line:

There comes a time in a man's life when his roommate comes home with a really long ugly couch which displaces the old furniture that has darkened the man's domain for the past two years without really being used for any worthwhile purpose, but which he has kept because he is inherently lazy.

Now is that time.

So I have a tv stand that I'm willing to part with for free. And when I say, willing to part with for free, I mean please please take it away from me as it has sat unused in my living room for AGES. Email me if you're interested. You can email me if you're not interested too, but I don't guarantee any gratitude on my part for the latter. There's a respectable probability of decent conversation (for which I'll expect YOU to be grateful), but that depends entirely upon the mood of the recipient. Can you call internet communications conversation? I kind of doubt it.

You can see it here: (link)

Anyways, enjoy your tv standless lives. Bwa ha ha.


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