Saturday, May 15, 2010

housing needs/availabilities

Registrants of said list and forwarded affiliates-

As male housing coordinator of the second ward, I get to do helpful things like maintain a spreadsheet and email new people to tell them I know of no housing, which is helpful, I'm sure, but somewhat thankless at times. In any case, if you have housing, are looking for housing, or just want to chat about ducks, if you could email me I'll get you on the google spreadsheet I maintain, and hopefully earn my pay by actually coordinating housing.

And I'm not particularly concerned as to your age/ward/love of ducks, just let me know just the same if I can help out. Gender, however, I do care about, as I thankfully only get to work with men. Women can contact Siobhan at (email) (I'm sure you're happy I'm directing people to you). Women are, of course, always invited to contact me, but I don't know how much I'll want to talk about housing.

Lastly, I do know of a housing opportunity for a female--housing for the foreseeable future, starting in a smaller one bedroom apartment, eventually upgrading to some form of house. Meals and laundry and a diamond are included, but you'll probably want to do your own ironing. Only payment required is a titanium ring, and your signature on a few legal documents. The downside is it would be a shared bedroom (even when you get the house).


(and if anyone has more optimal ideas on how to coordinate housing, I'm more than willing to listen)

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