Saturday, May 15, 2010

Male Housing Needed--The Return of the Brian

Stan Forders

Many moonings ago, our beloved friend, Brian, left us for the bubbilic confines of BYU, in search of a bachelor's degree, and a reprieve from bachelorniss. Like the majority of us, he has failed in half of his task, and returns a bachelor, with a bachelor's.

And he needs housing. He'll be coming 'round the mountains in January, and would like to be placed by Feb 1st at the latest. He's a really cool guy, evidenced by the fact that he didn't get married at BYU, just like us.

Email him at (email) if you have any info. Mainly info about housing would be appreciated, but I'm sure he'd like any kind of info you want to pass along to him--facts, figures, or consolation for double-bachelorness. In fact, cc me if you have any of that last part.

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