Saturday, May 15, 2010

ultimate frisbee 6:30 wednesday at peers park

it's the oldest established permanent floating ultimate game* in palo alto.

due to fences being placed around the field at the park by the institute, frisbee will be held tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM at alexander peers park. you can get there by going east** (towards the bay) on Stanford Ave. if you get tagged by caltrain, you've gone too far.

no excuse for absence is acceptable. I have skipped dates, temple trips, institute, work, homework, and wedding dates*** to play ultimate frisbee.


* ever since watching guys and dolls, I have fantasized about being a craps-playing, salvation-army-girl dating, boat-rocking gangster.
** if your name were benj, you'd be reminding me here that towards the bay really isn't east, it's more north; unfortunately, nobody else knows that.
*** ha, just kidding. you bet I wouldn't be playing stupid frisbee if I could be getting hitched--preferably to that girl from my high school who played the salvation army girl.

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  1. I hate Bay Area directions. Even after almost two years of living here, I still have to think really hard to figure out which direction a direction really is. Has no sign maker ever consulted with a map maker around here?!?

    Or maybe there's a huge magnet up in San Francisco, so back in the day when everyone carried around a pocket watch in their left vest pocket, and compass in their right vest pocket, when they pulled out their vest pocket compass (which also had a nifty little chain attached to it, but it was a silver chain, unlike the gold one that connected their pocket watch) they would look pull it out, sight from San Jose to San Francisco, and think that they were looking north. And they would think that Oakland is east of Palo Alto, despite the fact that it's actually north northWEST.

    What a fright they must have had when the newfangled GPS came out, and they realized that they'd been drawing their maps WRONG, totally WRONG for decades.