Saturday, May 15, 2010

ultimate frisbee 6:30 wednesday at peers park

frisbee in the rain just gives you more ability to brag about your woman/manliness (until someone from utah spouts off about frisbee in snow).

due to fences being placed around the field at the park by the institute, frisbee will be held today at 6:30 PM at alexander peers park. you can get there by going east (towards the bay) from the Institute on Stanford Ave. if you get moderately bruised by caltrain, you've gone too far.

all skill levels are welcome, unless it's a wilsonian level of skill and you play on the other team and crush me regularly, in which case you're invited to play with one leg. and even then you're not allowed to brag about catching the frisbee with your teeth after having crawled faster than I can run.

blessing the blessed blessed blessed day-


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