Saturday, May 15, 2010

ultimate frisbee today 6:30

since nobody comes at six anyways, let's do six thirty at the park behind the institute (though technically, it's not actually behind the institute, those are houses, and I'll confess here that my first attempt to attend this blessed event was thwarted by bad geography; only on the sunday following was I able to correctly identify said blessed field).

for those of you wishing to walk all over me again this week, let me just warn you that I have some intelligence which suggests that Adam W, king of the disc, sprinter of miles, jumper of feets, and flash lightening amazing hands, will be in attendance, and is sure to squash you, as his athletic prowess exceeds all, and causes universal humbling. I'll be calling him to coordinate our uniforms. lest you be too dismayed, be also warned that one of the frozen chosen, runner of nor'easter marathons, Thacker the hacker, tamer of mathematics, and one of the (many or few, depending on the field) double x chromosomed beings who consistently destroys me will also be in attendance, and always opposes me, to my everlasting dismay, and the delight of all those who enjoy seeing her rip the frisbee away from me at the last second to score the winning goal, as we swoop down the field, exchanging petty insults above the fray of the yelling crowds.

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