Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ultimate Tonight (wed) 7:00

Ultimate behind the institute.

John N. springs sprightly to snag
his hand just outreaching the others
Kenji circles his foes,
laughing as they fall spinning

Melanie M. sets up the swing
Catches. Stall one. Stall two.
Where are the cuts? Where are the men?
Rusty Hansen bobbles...and holds

Megan dances through the lines
mercilessly shredding defences
Carolyn E. calmly awaits
slipping the thread through the needle

Benj, and Stan, and Paul, and Mark
Each with eyes aflare
Will stare their enemies down in the face
and refuse to yield the day

Will there be glory seen tonight?
That is without question
Will you find glory on the field tonight?
Come and we will see

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